Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best hour of the week....My time with Jesus

Imagine that your best friend is in town and you have a chance to sit down face to face together and catch up. Imagine that you have an opportunity for a personal audience with a distinguished public dignitary. Imagine you have a chance to travel back in time and chat with one of the greatest and wisest figures in history.  “Too good to be true. Impossible” you say. But nothing is impossible for God. He wants a personal relationship with each of us and what better way for this to happen then by giving us the chance to spend time with Him.

Sure God is everywhere, in our hearts and can be found in those around us. And we can talk to him anytime we want. That’s all good but what’s better, talking on the phone or face to face? There’s no substitute for being physically with those we love. To grieve with them, laugh with them, cry with them and listen to them. One would have to conclude that if you could have that kind of closeness with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this would be the most amazing things in the world. Well I’ve got news for you. Jesus is more real then you ever imagined.

I’m talking about one of the best kept secrets of our time: Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. As a Catholic I believe the consecrated host is truly and miraculously Jesus himself and He can be found in every Catholic church around the world. Many churches offer times for adoration during which the sacred host is displayed in a chapel for people to come and sit with Him,. talk with Him and listen to Him.

This year I’ve started making a regular Holly Hour each week with Jesus and that hour is one of the best parts of my week. It’s truly remarkable how quickly the time goes and how at peace I feel when leaving. I feel almost giddy at times that I get to spend that time with my dearest friend. I do some talking and tell Jesus what’s heavy on my heart. I ask Him to bless my family and friends and bring us home to heaven one day. I praise Him and thank Him for all he’s done for me. And I ask him to take away my shortcomings (there are many) and worries and make me beautiful for Him. It just depends how I feel. At times I’ve been very excited about something in my life. And other times I’ve been frustrated and hurt. Either way, Christ listens and gives me peace. And sometime I just listen. I’ll read some scripture readings and reflections as well at times and meditate on prayers such as the rosary or the stations of the cross.

One day I was even angry with God for allowing my young cousin to be killed in a car accident. I know He doesn’t will such things but my beef was that He could have stopped it. As I knelt there asking Jesus “Why?” I heard in my heart, Him ask a question back to me. “Do you Believe?” It’s a question that stung me and challenged me. I say I believe that Jesus is Lord, that God has a plan and that He finds ways to bring beauty out of ugliness. Jesus wasn’t giving me the answers but asking me to put my heart where my actions are and to trust in Him. It’s not the answer I wanted, but it’s the answer I needed and He knew that.

Many times my moments with Jesus aren’t quite so emotional. But it always amazes me how fulfilled and peaceful I feel regardless of if we had a deep conversation or if I had little to say. There are no awkward silences with Jesus. It’s actually a very intimate experience to be face to face with my maker, savior, king and friend.

Now I don’t blame people for being skeptical that it’s really truly Jesus. After all, the Eucharist still looks like a little white wafer of bread. And if Jesus can do anything, why would He choose this simple ordinary and unspectacular way to be present to us? It’s a fair question and ultimately, I can’t scientifically prove it’s Jesus. But His Word and His Church tell me that it is Him and I DO believe.

My faith in this isn’t blind however. And the best testimony I can give is to tell you how being in His presence makes me feel. But could  this just be my own emotional excitement projecting ideas I have? This is another fair question. But I’ll point to a time recently when I went to make a Holy Hour and the Eucharist wasn’t there on display due to an out of the ordinary event after which our priest forgot to place the Host back in the adoration chapel. I stayed for the hour anyway doing scripture reading and prayers like I normally do. I even talked with the Lord in my heart as I know He is always with us. But it wasn’t the same. Something was missing and it was surprisingly obvious to me. Even in the days that followed, I just didn’t feel as warm and close to Jesus as I typically do after a Holy Hour. I guess when you are longing to be spend time with someone, there’s just no substitute for the real thing.

It baffles the mind that spending a quite hour in prayer could make me  feel more centered, at peace and joyful. But that is what happens. The people of Jesus’s time thought it was crazy that God would be present to them in Jesus, born to simple people in a simple town. As Christians we now see that this was God’s plan and what a beautiful thing it is that he He came into our world this way. He’s just as real to us today as He was 2000 years ago so don’t miss out on one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive. Being with Jesus in this special time is a glimpse of Heaven hear on Earth. I’ve gotten a taste of it and boy do I want more.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Superhero Birthday Party

Our recently turned four year old is WAY into Superheros. He loves them all including Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman,Greenlantern, Wolverine, Flash, Captian America and pretty much any other crime fighting hero that sports a cape or flies. To celebrate his birthday, my wife and I decided to host a Superhero birthday party with his little friends that he goes to daycare with. He loved it so much and we've received so many compliments on the party, that I decided to share what we did in case others wish to do something similar for their children.

First for the invites. To make them extra special, I used some of my Photoshoping skills to take a picture of some superheros and place our son's head on one of them. You wouldn't believe how much he loved seeing his likeness on a superhero and believe me it was the talk of his daycare class.

Now onto the party though. Every respectable superhero needs a cape so we decided to give each child who came to the party, their very own cape. Prior to the party, my wife cut a bunch of capes out of various colors of felt. Then she found some felt stickers sheets that she used to cut out each child's first initial along with other fun shapes including bat emblems, Spiderman emblems, horse silhouettes, crowns, stars and crescent moons. At the start of the party, each child got to choose a cape and then decorate it with their favorite pre-made felt stickers. To finish off the cape, we had little velcro squares that we attached to the sides to fasten the cape comfortably around the child's neck. These capes couldn't make the kids really fly but they sure had a blast running around pretending.

Next my wife read a superhero story to the kids while I took some small (maybe 3 inch tall) toy ninja figurines that we had purchased inexpensively from our local party store, and hid them all over the playground at the park we were holding the party at. My wife then told the kids that they needed to go find some little "badguys" hiding on the playground. It was basically an Easter egg hunt with little plastic figures instead of eggs but the kids loved it. They darted around and were so excited when they would find the little men. To make sure each child got at least one figure we told them they could only take one until everyone had one and then they could hunt down the rest. Of course some kids found them right away and then others had a more difficult time. Fortunately I had some hidden better then others and was able to guide these kids to the better concealed villains.

Once the bad guys had all been captured and peace had been restored to the park, we moved over to Spiderman pinata. Hind sight being what it is, it would have made more sense to have the pinata be a villain as well so that the kids weren't swinging a bat at a good guy but you live and learn. Once it was opened and the candy was pouring out, they didn't seem to mind what the pinata had started out as. Once all the candy had been picked up by the swarm of kids, we finished up the party with the traditional cake and ice cream and present opening. But before the kids left, they had had so much fun running around the playground earlier that they all wanted to do it again. I tried to add to the fun by chasing them around the playground and then letting them chase me. Once they caught up to me I let them "take me to jail" or a certain corner of the playground.

As fun as the entire party was, it was pretty special that my son told me afterwards that his favorite part was running around the park with me. That made my day and made me even more happy then all the parents of the kids who expressed what a fun and creative party it had been. Hopefully this will inspire you on how you can give your child a super Superhero Birthday.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Wishing I was more like Mary -- Daily Reading Thought

"Mary does something which only love can do. She took the most precious thing she had and spent it all on Jesus." (taken from rc.net Daily Reading and Meditation for April 2nd, 2012)

This line from my daily meditation reading, hit me today as I was reading it. Do I take the most precious things I have and give them all to Jesus? Not nearly as well as I wish. I certainly mean to and do try at times. But there are plenty of times that I am selfish with what I have. It's easy to justify that it's for my family, helping me with my job or a million other reasons, but the truth is Mary simplifies things in today's gospel reading. She doesn't think things through or ponder how everyone will perceive her actions. She just acts out of total love for Jesus. Hopefully I can become more like Mary and find my own way to spend all I have on Jesus.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Republican Presidential Debate: Ron Paul's the only one not sweating

I caught a little bit of the republican presidential debate last night and for the most part it just confirmed what I already know. These guys are all politians for sure, but amid all the mudflinging and accusing going on and scampering to explain why they voted a certain way, Ron Paul stood out as the only one not worried about how his answers would be percived. He always seemed calm and confident in what he was saying. I don't think I heard any of the other candidates call him out once. Admittedly that coudld be due to the fact that he's never been viewed as the frontrunner but perhaps it's also due to the fact that Ron Paul has continuously been very consistent in his beliefs and actions making it hard to find things to nit pick on. To be fair I don't always agree with him but I find his resolve to lessen the federal goverments involvment in our lives and to uphold our Constitution refreshing. He's obviously a man of conviction and not at all interested in pandoring to any groups in the way that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich continuously do.

So why is Ron Paul seen as an extreemist with no realistic chance of being ellected? He obviously has a lot of supporters and I for one think his stark contrast with President Obama may be the most realistic chance for the Republicans to take back the White House. That probably scares a lot of people in the media who favor bigger goverment and more goverment programs. Even the other republican candidates I think are a little frightened by what Ron Paul stands for.

Now I need to be honest, if Ron Paul were ellected president it wouldn't magically fix anything. And I suspect that any of the other republican candidates would actually act very similar as comander in chief and would work to reduce goverment. Ron Paul however, represents a desire to return to our hertiage and what made this a great country in the first place. That's what makes him different. When Ron Paul speaks it never seems to be about him but instead is all about upholding the constition. I like that in a candidate and that's why I like Ron Paul.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving up radio/music for Lent

It's Ash Wednesday once again and another season of Lent begins. Everyone always wonders what us Catholics are going to give up it seams so I figured I'd post my Lenten penance here. For a number of years now I've been giving up listening to the radio on my commute to and from work as well as listening to music on my iPod. I listen to a lot of talk radio (mostly sports and news) and love cranking the tunes on my iPod so giving them up for 40 days is not that easy. Especially since sports talk radio is just starting to have more programming about my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins.

Many people give up sweets, soda pop or try to kick a bad habit so why do I give up something that isn't really harming me? The answer is that while it doesn't harm me to listen to music or the radio, it really is just a luxury that I enjoy. Everyone's different and for some people this wouldn't be a sacrifice at all so you have to know yourself. I think the whole idea of giving up something is that by purposefully setting something aside from your life you can have more room for Jesus. Really giving something up is only half of the deal. The other half is replacing it with something that helps you grow spiritually in your relationship with the Lord. So my hope is that I will take some of that time that I would have been listening to music and the radio and pray more, read the scriptures and just listen to what God is saying in my heart.

As difficult as I find Lent to be at times, I don't remember a year that it hasn't helped me grow and to be honest I find I really need it to refocus my life and priorities on what is important. Sure growing can be a painful process but the renewed joy and peace is totally worth it. And I do have plenty of room for growth, so here's to hopefully another successful Lent.